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Whatever our task is, we aim to create a perfect product for our every client.


We speak the language of excellence and are fluent in creating flawless code.


Nothing can get in our way of successfully achieving the goals we set.

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Our Story

We started really small. Our two-man team turned into more than 10 passionate, young and ambitious people that want to create something big. After working remotely for years, we decided that it is time to meet up and start completing new challenges side by side. Our office in Zagreb is the place where technology and innovation meet our vision.


Sharing knowledge strengthens professional and personal ties among the members of our team. We make sure to have weekly workshops and short seminars every Thursday where everyone gets the opportunity to share what they know best - everyone is invited, no matter the topic. We call them Thirsty-for-knowledge Thursdays.

Our team is diverse, there are seniors and pros who know every trick of the trade, people who are still building their careers and young students and interns who want to learn something new every day. We make no compromises when it comes to teaching and learning from each other.


We like to gather the team from time to time and focus all our energy and ideas on our own projects. The whole team works together to create something we can all benefit from. We let our creative juices flow and try to make the best of our day. Code – eat pizza – play – repeat.

Team buildings

Coding is great, but we sometimes need a break. We like to take advantage of our beautiful country and enjoy everything that Croatia has to offer. Oh the joy of being in nature surrounded by relaxed colleagues far away from screens, logs and dashboards.

Let's chat!

No matter whether you have just a scratch of an idea or a detailed business plan, we can help you reach your final goal. Our team can’t wait to have a brainstorming session with you.

No strings attached.


2024 QED Ltd. | Passion for new challenges is our drive.

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2024 QED Ltd. | Passion for new challenges is our drive.